Pool Heat Pumps are the efficient solution

Top discharge heat pump

When you are thinking about Pool heating, one option you should definitely consider is having a Pool Heat Pump installed.

Not only are they energy efficient but they also provide excellent heating performance.

New developments in Pool Heat Pump inverter technology has lead to greater efficiency of the heating unit. As a result heating times are shorter and maintaining the desired temperature requires less energy.

Top discharge heat pump

Main Advantages of an Inverter Heat Pool Pump

  • Inverter technology heat pumps use up to 15-30% less power consumption when compared to a non-inverter heat pumps

  • Because of their high Coefficient of Performance, heat pumps have very low operating costs.

  • As a result of their using electricity to transfer energy, they emit no pollution and are environmentally friendly.

  • With the innovative vertical exhaust design option, the top discharge inverter heat pump can be installed next to virtually any installation in tight spaces.

  • Reduced noise and the addition of silent mode allows you to operate at anytime without disturbing the neighbours.

  • LCD control screens and wifi control through downloadable apps means controlling your pool temperature has never been easier.

Remember to add a Pool Blanket to increase your Pool Heat Pump's efficiency

Pool Blankets will reduce the heat lost from a pool by protecting them from the wind. The surface of your pool loses heat through evaporation, as a consequence stronger winds cool the water faster. However, there is a solution, Pool Blankets protect the surface of the pool from this wind evaporation which can account for up to 60% of the heat loss from a pool.

A Pool Blanket will reduce water usage by preventing most of the evaporation. In turn this will save you on your water consumption.