What causes your Pool to turn green?

Algal Blooms usually occurs when the water in a pool has been affected by algae growth. This algae growth is often the result of an imbalance of the chemicals in the pool water. More often than not due to too little chlorine.

Having your pool regularly serviced and maintained is the best way to prevent algae growth. Regular visits from a qualified pool technician can keep the balance of your pool water right. A healthy pool is better for you and your family.

Green Pool Shock Treatment

How long does it take to remove the green from a pool?

The time required for cleaning a green pool will depend on how much algae has grown in the pool. The pools size and condition of the pools water will also effect how long it can take to get your pool back to sparkling clear.

How can you remove Algae from a pool?

The correct use of chemicals is the best method for clearing a green pool. Getting the right balance of chemicals can only be achieved with the correct water testing procedure.

Once the water has been tested it is essential to get the right balance of chemicals to return your pool water to clear. This is why you should contact us to clean your pool.

Pool Heating

Is it safe to swim in a green pool?

Beneficial to life, algae is possibly the most important organism on earth. They provide 70 to 80 percent of the planet’s oxygen, according to Ecology.com. However, you don’t want them in your swimming pool. Algae in your pool can not only be unsightly, but can cause negative health problems.

Algae, although unsightly, will not hurt you. However, bacteria feeding on algae waste becomes a problem. Bacteria multiply in the heated environment of a swimming pool, and swallowing, breathing or coming in contact with these germs can lead to many illnesses.

In conclusion, it is highly inadvisable to swim in a green pool. Proper treatment is required to protect you and your family. That is why you should contact Optimum Pool Care Perth and we will make your pool water healthy and clear.